ER’s Message

ryan-odonnell-er-2014-2015I want to start out my very first note in the newsletter to let you all know how humbled and honored I am to be able to serve as your Exalted Ruler for the lodge year 2014-2015.

Before I begin to introduce myself I would like to give a big THANK YOU to our outgoing Exalted Ruler, Mike O’Donnell. Under is exceptional leadership our lodge is more prosperous than it has been in several years. We are doing well financially, we have many more social events on the calendar and our membership is strong. In addition to his leadership he has graciously agreed to forego the traditional gift we give to all outgoing Exalted Ruler’s as a way to kick-start the bocce ball courts we’re hoping to build this year and I know many of you are excited about. I’ve been told that the Exalted Ruler position is a thankless one so I would like to personally thank Mike for his commitment to this lodge over the past year. If you see him around the lodge I would encourage you to do the same and just say thanks.

Many you may already know who I am, a Chico Native with strong ties to the charitable and business community of Chico. As a business owner I’m looking forward to bringing my leadership and financial acumen to our lodge in helping it become the best that it can be. I am proud that our lodge is one of the most active and prosperous in the entire district and I want to see it stay that way. I want to see us build on our social events and continue to expand the benefits of what we can offer prospective members. I’m looking forward to working on the Bocce ball courts which we expect to be completed by the end of the year.

I hope to be accessible as your Exalted Ruler and encourage you to come and talk to me with any suggestions or comments that you may have. I promise to keep an open mind and work with all of you to make the lodge the best that it can be.

There are many people who make this lodge run and I would like to finish by letting all of the staff at our lodge and especially those in the office, Dan, De, Randy and Norm that I am looking forward to working with all of you in serving the needs of our lodge.

Ryan O’Donnell
Chico Lodge #423.

Chico Elks Brewfest 2014

Brewfest 2014

brewfest-2014Get ready to raise your glasses and try some new flavors. The 2014 Noon Exchange Club and Chico Elks Lodge #423 Brewfest will be held on Saturday, April 12th from 1-5pm at the Lodge. Don’t forget there will be wine available for tasting as well as food from many of our local restaurants!

Come on down, tickets will go fast so stop by and see De for tickets or go online to ChicoBrewfest.com. VIP Tickets are also available with early entrance and “special gifts”.

Tickets and More information at ChicoBrewfest.com


Public Safety Dispatchers Dinner

911 Dispatcher Appreciation Dinner

The Chico Elks Lodge #423 presents their annual Public Safety Dispatcher Appreciation Dinner April 10, 2014

Please make reservations by calling 343-1431 before April 4th.

Roast Pork or Chicken Piccata
Seasonal Vegetables
Rice Primavera
Salad & Dessert Bars
$16 person
Come enjoy dinner and support our public safety dispatchers!

ER’s Message

Hello Chico Lodge,

I hope everyone had a great February. This will be my last newsletter as your Exalted Ruler. This past year has really flown by and was a lot of fun.

ER423-2013-2014Like most Exalted Rulers, we come into our position with a grand vision thinking about all the things we are going to do at the lodge to make it better. For me my list centered on remodeling or at least getting vision for an updated bar, expanding kitchen services to include lunch, an expanded appetizer list for the evenings and speeding up the bar. I
also wanted our managers to have everything possible so that they could do what managers need to do to help the lodge run well, keep business up and members happy.

As I look back I definitely didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to as there are many obstacles, financial and otherwise but I think that our lodge is on the right track. Our financial numbers, which are a good representation of member involvement and use of our lodge are up significantly across the board over last year. Our bar service has
gotten significantly faster. Our bar is continuing to be improved (new walk in cooler, more taps for beer and more stations to serve from on busy nights). I believe our managers also have what they need and the flexibility to do a good job for everyone. A lot has been done this year especially behind the scenes to make all of this happen and it required a lot of effort from quite a few elks.

I hope everyone can make the Volunteer appreciation dinner where we will be recognizing what Elks are about, volunteerism, especially the handful of Elks that made a major impact this year. The date is Wednesday March 12 th , please make your reservations with De.

Mike O’Donnell

ER’s Message

Hello Lodge #423,

The year is underway and a lot is going on, well with the exception of rain!

We have had more football activity in the Lounge and I expect the Super Bowl will be no different. Just a note for those that do not have the FOX channel, we have it for your viewing pleasure here at Lodge #423. So come on down and enjoy the game, food and friends.

The bar renovation is moving forward nicely. The cold storage has been installed and have ordered keg racks and shelving (for inside and outside the cold storage). Once these are in place the lines for the new taps will be installed and we will be up and running! Once this is all complete we will relocate the alcohol and move into the new area completely. There is a lot of work going on behind the scene to make all of this happen!

I don’t have all the numbers yet, but it looks like the Member’s Crab Feed is in full swing and it will be well attended again this year. Thank you Rick Schmid and his host of volunteers for once again making this a big success.

Have you noticed every so often the same name shows up in the bulletin? This person is usually speaking about Americanism, membership or honoring our departed members. Charlie Carroll is the individual that keeps what we stand for ever present in our minds. Charlie is also our lodge historian. He has dedicated a lot of time to keep us informed and remind us of our roots. Thank you Charlie.

I hope to see all of you soon,



Members Only Crab Feed

Elks Members Only Crab Feed

February 7th

Dinner is served at 6:30 PM
$40 Per Person

Only two tickets per member
you must be a member of an Elks Lodge to purchase tickets for this dinner. Tickets must be purchased by January 31st call the Lodge at 343-1431cartoon-crab

MENU Fresh Picked Crab, Tiger Prawns, Clam Chowder, Cole Slaw, Cocktail Sauce, French Bread

ER’s Message

ER423-2013-2014Hello Lodge #423, I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday’s and I hope our members are all feeling well, so many of our members have dealt with winter illnesses.

December was incredibly busy, both at home and at the lodge. The Christmas Brunch and the Children’s Christmas Party was, as usual, well attended. Thank you to the Stump Team (Norm Sr. & Norm Jr.) and Geri Lee for taking point at the omelet station. I also want to thank Wade & Kim Thorpe for their continued support with the Children’s Christmas Party, it is such an important part of the season.

My articles are submitted prior to the end of the month so I don’t have an update regarding the New Year’s Party yet but so far it looks like it is shaping up to be a great event. Because the Halloween party went so well, we are excited to see what New Years will bring. A big thank you to Jim Saxton and Matt Goddard for taking on this event!

Volunteering to help or Chair an event is how we continue to have events. Someone that continues to Chair is what we hope for, this takes serious time and dedication. Lodge #423 has some of the best volunteers around!

If you haven’t been out to the Lodge lately, we have taken another step into our bar renovation. The office just off the Lounge is being turned into a cold storage. The room was emptied, portions of the floor removed, windows removed, insulation installed and everything repaired. Thank you Rick Schmid! This will allow for more storage and cold storage for our lounge. We are hoping this will be completed this month. It’s an exciting change!

Welcome to 2014,

ER’s Message

ER423-2013-2014Hello Chico Lodge, I hope everyone is doing well and getting prepared for Christmas. I can’t believe this year is almost over.

This last month was a busy month with Initiation, the Purple Pig Dinner, Veterans Day celebration as well as the Halloween party.

It seems like every month we keep initiating more members. I believe we brought in 8 new members this last month. It is always fun initiating new members this time of year because there are plenty of events for them to enjoy and get involved in.

The Halloween party was an absolute blast from what I heard. Not only did it raise about $1,000, but everyone who went said it was a good time and can’t wait for next years. Thank you Jim Saxton for putting it on, I understand the same band from that party is booked for New Year’s Eve as well.

The Purple Pig Dinner was also a big success. With money raised that night over $2,000 it was one of the most successful Purple Pig dinners in recent years. I look forward to next years and raising more money for our Major Project. Thank you Ryan O’Donnell for chairing that event.

elks-wreathVeterans Day was also very well attended. With no parking in any of our three parking lots people had to park on the street out front. The lodge was packed, it was a great program with an incredible speaker. It was also a great day to showcase our lodge. Our lodge always looks amazing with all of the flags that our guys put out. Thanks to all who helped put on this event.

Have a good month,

Elks Care – Elks Share