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Brian Arntzen ER 2015-16Hello,
We are off to a wonderful new year and I would like to invite all Elks members to be a part of what goes on at the lodge. Before we get started I would like to commend the committee for the Christmas Brunch and Children’s Christmas party as both were a big success this year.
As Elks there are many things to get involved in as a member at the lodge and I would like to highlight a few things that go on around the lodge. Most of you know that lodge meetings are every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. All members are encouraged to attend meetings as often as they can to stay informed on lodge business. There are a number of times during the meeting when you can get involved, ask questions and be part of the lodge. Before the first meeting of the month the Board of Trustee’s meet at 5:30pm. I encourage all members to try and attend this meeting from time to time as the Board of Trustees is responsible for managing the finances and the building and maintenance of our property. The second notable meeting is the House Committee which meets at 5:30pm on the 4th Wednesday of the month. The House Committee is responsible for managing and maintaining pricing of food and drink as well as employee issues for the lodge.
Our environment is unique. The lodge is not a private business, the lodge is a members only organization and is owned by the members. As members each of you pay your dues joins the membership of the lodge and with that comes equal ownership of the lodge, the building, the environment, the reputation and the standards of the Order of Elks and our local lodge. Our organization is a volunteer Organization. The Officers, Trustees and House Committee are all volunteers. The employees, who include the management, chefs, bartenders and wait staff have all been hired to help facilitate the needs of the organization. Historically with the Order of Elks, these positions in the Lodge have been volunteers and so is the case with most other lodges in our district. However with over 500 event rentals and 400 Elks events a year it is not realistic to have volunteers to facilitate all of those events We would require a full time volunteer staff.
As in most organizations there are certain business standards and protocols to follow. The Elks Lodge is no different and with membership each member is required to follow a certain decorum. If and when you see an issue, take the time to express your concern through the proper channels. The ideas and direction of members is what makes this Lodge great. Be mindful of the rules of the lodge and Order of Elks, for when you stretch the rules you are only hurting your own organization. Remember that as Elks we run an event center and catering business here at the lodge and when our facility is rented out for a party or function to others, Elks members are not welcome at that function unless they have been invited.
So come enjoy the lodge, bring your friends and your family. Share the values of the Order of Elks with those you care about and remember that as a sponsor it is your job to let them know what being a member in the Order of Elks is about because as a member you own the lodge.
Brian Arntzen
Exalted Ruler