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September was an eventful month at the lodge! I hope you were able to enjoy our first day of cooler weather at the Vietnam Veterans car show! If you haven’t tried our Fizz Brunch yet, put it on your calendar the next time it’s advertised! It was a great meal prepared by our chefs! Thank you to our own Elks volunteers for helping serve and get all of us through the buffet line quickly. The omelet station was amazing!

Jim Alford, District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler, paid a visit to our lodge on September 27th. For those of you who don’t know, his visit is not only to share the message of our Grand Exalted Ruler, but to conduct an audit and physical inspection of our lodge to make sure policies and procedures are being followed. A business meeting was conducted prior to the lodge meeting where the committee chairs gave a brief statement on their activities. Our lodge was found to be in great working order and continues to be a gem in our District!

October kicks off our busy season at the lodge! The Elks State President, Chuck Nolan, and First Lady, Ginger, will be visiting our District the second weekend of October. Our lodge will be hosting a dinner, as well as our popular music line up on Friday, October 13th to welcome Chuck, Ginger, and the visiting Association Vice Presidents who are accompanying them on their tour of the North Valley. Please come down and join us in celebrating their year of Elkdom and the hospitality and friendliness that our
lodge is known for!

Football season is in full swing at the lodge, so gather your friends and family and come watch a game or two! Better start planning ahead for your creative costume at the Halloween party on Friday, October 27th! This event has been a huge success in recent years and I am sure this year will not disappoint!

This month, I would like to touch on the final virtue of the order of Elks, which is tied to the station of the Exalted Ruler ‐ Fidelity. It is symbolized by the Star which shines above our Alter. Fidelity implies strict adherence to our Obligation and faithfulness in the discharge of our duty as members of society. I know it can often be overwhelming to take in the specifics of the Obligation when you are initiated as a new member. In short, members commit to upholding the Constitution and laws of the Order of Elks, as well as those of the United States of America. We promise to bring in others who we feel would be an asset to our lodge, and that we will protect, respect, and defend our members and their families. In making this Obligation, we agree to treat each other as brothers (and sisters) through good times and bad. The Exalted Ruler’s final charge states “Our time upon the stage of action is but brief, yet in the drama each must play a part. The character is left for each to choose; a villain if we will, or person of honor.” My favorite line to give is the closing line which reads “Finally, strive diligently that the name of Elk as borne by you may be worthy of an American citizen – one who loves his fellow man.” I am very proud of our lodge and its commitment to each other. As a strong team, we are even more powerful in our community. Please remember to treat not only our members, but others with kindness and respect. That is what we are known for as Elks! Be friendly, ask questions, take pause before speaking, put yourself in another’s shoes, smile! As Elks and Americans, we all share the same joys and struggles in life. How we choose to spend our time and what energy we put towards those things can make or break the day. Choose to make it great!


Jen White Exalted Ruler